ePharma is a digital
transformation company

We work in partnership with healthcare companies and agencies to:

  • Achieve deeper customer engagement
  • Optimize sales force effectiveness
  • Maximize returns on marketing technology investments


ePharma has worked in partnership with the following healthcare companies and agencies:

About ePharma


Charlie Willson


ePharma was founded by Charlie Willson in 2008. Charlie has been influencing emerging technologies and driving digital trends for leading healthcare companies for the past ten years. As a creative analytic, he approaches business problems with strategic solutions backed by the vision to execute. An industry pioneer who has been consistently ahead of the game.

How We Think

The devil is in the detail

Nine years of digital selling, nine years of lessons learned. Our HCP target audience’s world has changed, and so must we. That means less focus on brand messages and more emphasis on delivering value. Creating an empowered Medical Representative with content that matches the engagement and data that drives better outcomes.


Start with the end in mind

Brand strategy drives everything. Once we understand what we want HCP mindset and action to be, a multi-channel brand plan can be built that supports the achievement of these goals. Then in conjunction with the executional plan we must have clear metrics and KPI to reflect progress towards these goals.


They get me, they get me not

The Medical Representative is no longer the first choice for brand information for the HCP. With a proliferation of online resources and channels now available for the HCP to choose from, the new challenge is to create as consistent and relevant a brand message and experience as possible across these channels. Then leverage the information from these channel interactions to create a more empowered Medical Representative that can deliver greater value to the HCP.



Adam Gelling

ePharma has been a long-term valued partner of the agency. Charles identified Veeva as a company to watch in their early days, and built a strong strategic partnership that greatly benefited the agency.

Adam Gelling

President, Giant Creative Strategy

Adam Gelling

Charles is a true innovator. He relies on his knowledge and experiences to inform his thinking, but relentlessly pursues new and innovative ways of solving business challenges. The goal is a better outcome and strong business performance. Charles is a technology expert, but the strategy comes first… he starts with the end in mind.

Jonathan Peischl

Founder, Splice Agency

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  • Optimize your sales force’s effectiveness
  • Maximize the returns on your marketing technology investments

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